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  • Laraib Center, I-8 Markaz, Islamabad,Pakistan.
  • Email: info@waheedgroup.com.pk

Welcome To
Waheed Group Of Companies

What started off over four decades ago as a small business has today spread out by leaps and bounds to be-come Pakistan’s largest business group. Our company’s operations are widely spread all over the country and abroad, providing high quality standards of products and services to our clientele. We are the business leaders and have set a pattern of success stories that have let our organization grow and receive immense respect from consumers and our trade partners alike. Today, the company generates an annual turnover of over three hundred and fifty million US dollars ($350 million), contributing significantly to the country’s economy.

All our businesses are incorporated as private limited companies under the Companies Act 1913 and Ordin-ance 1984 of Pakistan. Waheed Group of Companies is also one of the largest entities in the field of manu-facturing and import of edible oil, bulk import and distribution of Crude Palm Oil, RBD Palm Oil, RBD Palm Olein, import of various food industry chemicals, Electrolytic Tinplate Sheets, import and sale of Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) Equipment and Stations, running of (CNG) Filling Stations, and Real Es-tate and construction of Commercial Buildings.
Moreover, we are also in the hospitality business and our hotel, ‘Laraib Inn’, is a prime example in this re-gard. Situated in the heart of the Pakistani capital, Islamabad, it has become a popular hotel for multiple client needs. Venturing into hospitality has only helped further the company’s commitment to providing highest standards of quality.
The group is consists of more than 17 business organizations out of which 07 are incorporated as private limited companies , the scope of services and nature of activities of wgc are broadly diversified.
Waheed group of companies (wgc) has to its credit the manufacturing and export of edible oil, bulk import & distribution of crude palm oil, rbd palm oil, rbd palm olien, import of various food grade chemicals, electrolytic tinplate coils, import and sale of compressed natural gas (cng) equipment and running of (cng) filling stations, real estate , hotel, restaurants, wedding halls, and franchise of cm pak limited, one of pakistan’s leading mobile communication company.
The group consists of:

  • Khadija Edible Oil Refinery (Pvt) Ltd, Karachi
  • Waheed Hafeez Ghee Industries (Pvt) Ltd, Hattar
  • Malakand Oil & Ghee Mills (Pvt) Ltd, Malakand
  • Feroz Sons Tank Terminal (Pvt) Ltd, Karachi
  • Laraib Enterprises, Islamabad
  • Laraib Canada Enterprises (Pvt) Ltd, Canada
  • Laraib Inn, Islamabad
  • Fahad Enterprises, Islamabad
  • Awais Enterprises, Rawalpindi
  • Siraj Ghee Industury
  • Zaheer Hafeez Oil Terminal
  • WGC Enterprises, Canada
  • Fahad Hammad Oil and Ghee Industries (Pvt) Limited
  • AK Oil and Ghee Industry (Pvt) Limited
  • Zaheer Hafeez Ghee Industries (Pvt) Limited
  • Lal Ghee and Oil Mills (Pvt) Limited
  • Alliance textile Mills Jhelum (Pvt.) Limited
  • Kandaan Associates, Lahore
  • A.K. Filling Point, Rawalpindi
  • Neelam Ghee Industury (Pvt.) Limited
  • Bara Ghee Industury (Pvt.) Limited