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Mr. Awais Karni

Director Waheed Group Of Companies

Awais Karni is one of our key directors and has lamented himself as a seasoned veteran of the palm oil industry with an experience of more than 15 years and has credited himself by creating and managing various brands of cooking oil and ghee which includes our flagship premium brand, Fauji Supreme. During his adolescence years, Mr. Karni attended Beaconhouse School System and, to further his education, tra-velled abroad and graduated from the prestigious Everest College, Canada. ... During his 10 years in WGC, Mr. Awais Karni has garnered many achievements which include re-ceiving a golden medal from the President of Pakistan for “Highest Importer of Edible Oil” in 2018. Mr. Karni has kept himself engaged in the palm oil industry further by becoming Vice President of Pakistan Vanaspati Manufacturing Association (PVMA) from 2011 to 2012. He has also received the award for “High-est Importer of Palm Oil” from Pakistan Edible Oil Conference (PEOC) in 2018. Internationally, Mr. Karni has become a known face of Pakistan’s palm oil industry by traveling the world while attending and partici-pating in various palm oil familiarization programs conducted by several countries, especially Malaysia.

Mr. Faad Waheed

Director Waheed Group Of Companies

Mr. Faad Waheed is an important and integral part of Waheed Group of Companies. He has been served as a director of the Group for the last five years and has proven himself indispensable to the Group. In his early days, he studied from Beaconhouse School System and, to further his studies, travelled to Cana-da and graduated in Business Administration (Finance) from the prestigious Sheridan College. During his time there, Mr. Faad Waheed achieved great success in the sport of snooker and became Pakistan’s youngest internationally recognized snooker ... coach as well as qualifying in the top 16th Canadian snooker players. While in Canada, Mr. Faad also became a member of the Canadian Association of accredited mortgage pro-fessionals (CAAMP). After joining WGC, Mr. Faad delved into the palm oil industry under the guidance of our chairman, Mr. Waheed, and became an essential part of the organization. Mr. Faad also handles our day-to-day opera-tions and management of our premium brand, Fauji Supreme, bringing it to new heights and recognition all across the country. He has also launched “Islamabad United Lions Club” which is an internationally recog-nized non-political service organization which aids those in need and brings attention to important issues plaguing the Pakistani community at large. Ever since joining WGC, Mr. Faad has held and continues to hold various important positions within and outside the palm oil industry, which are as listed below:

  • 2013 IBSF Certified Master Coach, approved by WPBSA
  • 2013 Certified Master Coach & Instructor in the art & science of snooker coaching
  • 2016 Member PBSF
  • 2013: present International snooker coach, Snooker Canada.
  • 2014: Co-founder - Pakistan snooker coaching.
  • 2016-18: Executive member - Islamabad billiard and snooker associations.
  • 2017-18: Senior vice chairman- standing committee on vegetable oil and ghee-FPCCI.
  • 2018-19: Deputy Convener standing committee on vegetable oil and ghee FPCCI.
  • 2019-20: Deputy Convener diplomatic Relations FPCCI.
  • 2019-20: Convener J.V. in Pakistan FPCCI.
  • 2018-19: Convener sports, Culture, Heritage FPCCI.
  • 2019-20: Member international trade Promotion FPCCI.
  • 2019-20: Chairman edible oil committee Islamabad chamber
  • 2019: President Islamabad United Lions Club, Lions Club International
  • 2019: Convener Billiards, Islamabad Club.

Mr. Hamad Waheed

Director Waheed Group Of Companies

Hamad Waheed is a young and upcoming dynamic entrepreneur. He did his early education from John Frasier High School, Canada. For his higher education he graduated from York University, Canada. After moving back to Pakistan in 2016, he joined WGC and introduced various new systems in the organization related to HR and Finance. In a short period of time Hamad Waheed has helped the organization to adopt international corporate practices.

Moreover, he also handles the marketing of our premium brand, Fauji Supreme, in a broad spectrum of various canvases of advertising which includes ATL as well as BTL campaigns. Besides, HR marketing and finance, Mr. Hamad also has introduced an international standard of supply chain management throughout the various segments of WGC specially the import of palm oil and the nationwide supply chain of Fauji Supreme.